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Acne Boot Camp

Looking for a solution to your acne problems? Look no further than FACE REALITY Acne Boot Camp! Our 3-6 month program has a success rate of 95% and is designed to treat all types of acne without the use of prescription drugs, with our customized clear-skin plan and exclusive use of Face Reality Skincare products, you'll be on your way to clear, healthy skin in no time. Our Acne Treatment Program uses a comprehensive approach to treat acne, combining the power of acne treatments with professional acne care products, and the guidance and expertise of a certified acne skincare specialist.

What Does The Program Include?​
- Comprehensive Skin Analysis of your acne and treatment option. 
- Skin Sensitivity Test and a personalized acne facial or peel based on your desired results 
- Complete take home regimen to treat your acne at home with a 95% success rate
- Ongoing support and guidance to monitor your progress and ensure your success. 

Acne Bootcamp Pricing

First Session $300

Includes skin analysis, skin sensitivity test, 6 products for take home regimen, treatment for the day, acne history, and all paperwork needed to guide you on what you can do at home to help kick acne to the curb

Two Week Sessions $90

You will be in every two weeks for treatments & updates on how your skin is doing. We will also make adjustments to your home care regimen if needed

Follow Up Facial $107

You will want to keep up on your new glowing skin, any follow up facials to maintain the results can be on an as needed basis. 

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