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Best Salon & Spa in Fort Wayne

Jonelle Fedock


If you ask me why I picked the beauty industry as a career, I will tell you that I didn't, the beauty industry picked me.  I stumbled across an ad in Career Builder for a Management Position within Loreal USA and thought to myself, that sounds like an amazing opportunity.  Never thinking I would get interviewed, I applied. I am so thankful that the person who interviewed me, saw something inside of me, I didn't even see in myself. I was hired as a Salon Business Partner in 2013 and never looked back.  The decision to change my life in that moment is one I have never regretted because it put me in touch with amazing people, including Shirley. I am so thankful to have been placed in a beautiful career surrounded by so many talented and selfless people. I truly believe that the path God has laid for me is what led me to ownership and the ability to lead people to success. If I can help someone believe in themselves and they build confidence, then I have achieved my Why. I have learned that the only thing that makes us different and special is our story and how we can use it to help others and if my story can help someone, then it was all for good.  If I am not working, I love to travel with my husband Steve and our five beautiful children, Vivian, Ella, Isaac, Evan, and Irelyn.  If I am not relaxing at the lake or soaking in the sun, you can probably find me and my children serving at the Compass Cafe at Pine Hills Church on Sunday mornings. 

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