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Fort Wayne Massage

I’m Olivia Hamel, but you can call me Livie. I’m an Indiana Licensed Esthetician, located at Southwest Hair & Day Spa. It’s my life’s work to make each and every one of you who steps into my spa truly know just how beautiful you already are, and the light that you bring to this world; For you to completely step into your confidence and leave empowered to take on the world.I’ve struggled with acne my whole life so I know how important confidence is. I went to see dermatologists here and there for my acne, and nothing ever really seemed to work for me. *Hint* I was never doing it right! Then I learned I could go to school to learn how our skin functions- And my skin got worse. This really drove me to dig deep, find the cause of the breakouts and fix my skin- and yours too. Let me teach you how to really care for your skin. It’s definitely a journey, but I’m dedicated to this journey. My happy place is when I’m helping others to feel beautiful in their own skin and when I’m learning more about the muscles, massage techniques, ingredient combinations, new industry techniques, skin and body functions, and why any of that matters in the first place. My current favorite services are Lash Lifts, Brazilian Waxing, Facial Peels, and Massages, but honestly, I love doing it all. This truly is what I was called to do, and I love doing it. Outside of my job, you’ll catch me listening to either Nickelback or Jack Harlow radio, with a caramel vanilla iced coffee (extra cream and flavor, obviously), tending to my kitten Nala. I’m so excited to meet you!

Custom Blend Facial 
Firm & Lift Facial 
Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel 
Under Arm Wax 
Full Body Massage 


Livie Hamel - Level 1 Esthetician 

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