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Do You Ever Go Tanning? What You Need To Know From Your Fort Wayne Spa Expert.

Listen up- I’m gonna ruffle some feathers here… but let’s get into some science!

First of all, the sun emits 3 different types of UV radiation- UVA, UVB, UVC. Hint: they are all very bad for your skin, but they all have their own specific effects.

UVC rays have the highest energy of the three types of UV radiation. These cause damage to DNA and harm living organisms. Exposure from this radiation would literally cook us like a thanksgiving turkey… Fortunately, UVC rays are mostly absorbed by the Earth’s atmosphere. Phew, right!? It’s commonly used for sterilization due to its ability to destroy bacteria and viruses.

UVB rays penetrate the outermost layers of the skin and are responsible for causing sunburn, as they cause damage to DNA, leading to inflammation and redness. Prolonged exposure to UVB rays increases the risk of skin cancer, including melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers.

Now here’s where it gets spicy. UVA rays make up the majority of UV radiation that reaches us and penetrates deep into the skin, doing the most damage. UVA rays prematurely age the skin (wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots) as they can damage collagen and elastin fibers. This makes the  skin start to look leathery, and feel loose with little elasticity or bounce back. Additionally, UVA exposure can actually suppress the immune system and increase the risk of skin cancer, particularly melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

UVA rays can penetrate through clouds and windows, making protection against them essential even on cloudy days AND indoors.

If you’re thinking, ok Liv, so I’ll just go use a tanning bed, then I won’t get the damage, right? WRONG! Tanning beds use fluorescent bulbs that emit mostly UVA, and the radiation from these are up to THREE TIMES MORE intense than the UVA in natural sunlight!

Don’t worry though, you can protect your skin from UV by wearing a good sunscreen, (I recommend Bioelements SPF 50 Broad Spectrum Sunscreen) protective clothing, and limiting direct exposure (like staying in the shade and canceling your trip to the tanning bed…) can help reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer.\. Sometimes being a pale queen is worth it to have glowing, healthy skin later down the line.

If you need more advice about how to care for your skin, I would love for you to visit me in Fort Wayne, at Southwest Hair & Day Spa.

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