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Fort Wayne Facial

Presley Koogler
Level 1 Esthetician/Cosmetologist

I thrive on creating confidence through my services and continually educating myself.  I started my career as a cosmetologist and enjoy cutting short hair.  I love spending quality time with my 3yo daughter Ezra Rose, after Axle Rose, because she is my Rockstar! A true foodie at heart, I enjoy indulging in Mexican cuisine and treats from the the Cheesecake Factory, they need to bring one to Fort Wayne. My specialty is waxing, although I love to give a good facial. I also a keen interest in fashion and love to shop! An interesting tidbit about me, I am huge Taylor Swift fan and have a deep love for concerts. 
Custom Blend Facial 
Firm & Lift Facial 
Ultra-Detox Chemical Peel 
Under Arm Wax 
Full Body Massage 
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